Operations Analyst

Zalzali & Associates, Inc. Dba All States Engineering & Surbeying   Lake Forest, CA   Full-time     Analysis
Posted on May 11, 2023
Operations Analyst Req'd: BA, Business Admin or similar & 24 mnths exp. in operat. analysis; or MA, Businesss Admin or similar. Special Reqmts: must be proficient in biz modeling/simulations of structuring static/dynamic simulation mechanisms, analyze outputs, & conduct sensitivity analysis. Spec. reqmts accepted thru employment exp. &/or academics. Create biz computational models & simulations; Anlyz. simulations & models & comm. w/ mgmt. Full-time. Zalzali & Associates, Inc. dba All States Engineering & Surveying, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Salary: $79,950 - $79,950. Email resume to Wissam Zalzali, President - wissam@zalzali.com